Because I have a minute:

Henry David Thoreau said "an early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." So true! Too bad it has been so cold lately! An early morning walk is just not going to happen when it's 33 degrees outside.

I'm sitting in my car in the school parking lot a full 90 minutes early and I decided to write a little something-something on the ol' blog. In reality, I'm just procrastinating doing a PHTLS assignment.

I'm glad it's Wednesday. That means we're on the downward slope to the weekend (and thank God). I want to sleep in and spend time with my boyfriend. That's all I want this weekend.

Monday totally sucked. We ran sims and I didn't do as well as I would've liked. It would have helped greatly if I had been able to run some practice sims with my group, but I was uninvited due to too many people going already. It's whatever. Next sim I will definitely insist on being included in group practice. I'm tired of feeling like a floundering fool during these graded sims.

Tuesday was a good day. I got a lot done and got to see the kids I used to nanny for. They're so big! And smart! I got to hang out with my mom, too. I'm really lucky to have her for a mom.

I came to the conclusion yesterday that things change (I know what you're thinking... "wow, Sarah, you just now figured that out?") And people change, for better or for worse, too. It's a bummer when you realize people are something you didn't think they were.

Alright, time for PHTLS homework.