When the going gets tough...

It has been around 5 months since my last post and so much has changed!!

I was given full time status at work (yaaaaayyyy) and was placed on a night shift (ummmm whaaaat?). It took me almost two months, but my body has finally adjusted to being up all night. As I write this, my partner is snoozing in the drivers seat as we post, and I am wide awake listening to the chaos that is the south end dispatch. 

At the beginning of December, I loved from the north San Diego area to east Murrieta. That was quite a change. It took several weeks to get over the homesick feeling. Living with 4 other people (all guys, too!) has been a very interesting experience, but I actually really enjoy it. There is almost always someone home if I want to be social but at the same time if I'm in my room they give me my space. Though I do miss being close to my family and friends, I feel this move was a good decision. 

Now, the current struggle is making ends meet and continuing to improve myself. 2013 was filled with growth and learning and I expect no less from 2014.