Let's Discuss:

Let's Discuss: The newest single from Lady Antebellum "Downtown".

If you know me, you know I love music, especially country. I like Lady Antebellum oodles and oodles. Keep that in mind as I tell you why I can no longer listen to this song (Though the music video is HI-larious).

I'm assuming this is a girl singing to her guy. I really liked it on first listen, so I downloaded it. When I like a song, I tend to listen to it repeatedly. Last night, after several days of listening to this song, I paid attention to the words (beyond just singing along).

"I don't know why you don't take me down town like you got anywhere better to be.
Talk it up and give me the go round, round like a good time tease.
I'm only counting on your cancellation,
When I should be counting on you at my door.
Did you forget about how we went around,
I don't know why you don't take me downtown anymore.
Ohhhhhhhh anymore.

I got some platforms sitting in the corner.
They wanna stroll on a city sidewalk.
I got a dress that'll show a little uh uh but you ain't gettin' uh uh if you don't come pick me up (damn),
Show me off (wow),
You might be tired, but I'm not!"


I used to think this was a fun song about good times... 


 It's actually a song filled with WHINING! It's the musical version of the True Life episode where these guys let their girlfriends treat them like man-slaves.

What the heck, Lady A?! 

"I don't know why you don't take me downtown anymore" - Um, maybe he's busy? Maybe it's expensive? Maybe you're a hot mess that no one wants to babysit anymore?

"Like you got anywhere better to be" - Who died and made you his day planner? Maybe he DOES have somewhere better to be! Like not out with you.

"I'm only counting on your cancellation, when I should be counting on you at my door" - Listen, lady... If your man bails on you constantly and you don't like it, talk to him about it or kick him to the curb. Don't write a song complaining about it.

"I got a dress that'll show a little uh uh but you ain't gettin' uh uh if you don't come pick me up, Show me off " - Can't argue with this one... I got your back, boo.

"You might be tired, but I'm not" - Whoa now, girlfriend... Selfish much?

I know this song is supposed to be fun. It's not legitimately how people treat their significant others (Or at least, I hope it isn't). That being said, when I hear this song now all I hear is whining and complaining...



I'm no longer unemployed! I have a REAL job. :)

AMR Riverside hired me yesterday. Since I did so poorly at blogging during my internship, I'm going to try to write about my first year as a medic in my intern blog, Life As I Know It.

I've posted a short blog about the interview and about what comes next, so check it out!

Next topic: Justin Timberlake and his new album... Apparently, he has another album coming out in the Fall/Winter featuring 10 more songs. Kinda excited... I wasn't a huge fan of The 20/20 Experience at first, but it's grown on me.

Now, I need to watch the music video for Mirrors.

Prayer Request Update:

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. It is with a heavy heart that I write this. My Aunt Martha passed away early this morning.

Rest easy, Aunt Martha. We will miss you very much but I'm so glad you are no longer in pain and suffering.

“Has this world been so kind to you that you should leave with regret? There are better things ahead than any we leave behind.”  - C.S. Lewis

Prayer Request:

Alright friends, prayers and good thoughts needed. My aunt Martha is very, very sick. She has been in the hospital since Sunday in a medically induced coma and the staff feel that she may not make it through the night... We are all praying for Gods peace to be with her and my cousins and also for a miracle.

New Blog

Well, the time has come for me to start writing all the short stories I've always said I would write.

I'm calling it The Untold Stories: Fact, Fiction and Everything In Between. I don't have any stories posted yet, but I've got some rough drafts I'm working on. I'm a little nervous to post some of the stories. They are probably PG-13 (haha) and might change the way some people view me.

I also want to start writing in my Life As I Know It blog again, which is mostly about things surrounding medic school. As tough as it was, I came out with some great stories!!

Childhood Garage

I was lying in bed a few days ago and my mind was doing that thing where it wanders around, looking back on all sorts of things. I started thinking about our old house in Fontana and remembering what it looked like. Then I remembered the garage.

I remember when my brother and I were little, my dad would set us up with wood, a hammer and nails in the garage. He would work on his projects and we would work on ours. I remember wearing ear muffs and feeling special.

I remember feeling like I was creating something, just like dad was. It would be cold in the garage, so we'd wear sweatshirts. Dad had an old sound system he would turn on, loudly playing music from the radio or a cassette tape. It smelled like sawdust most of the time. To this day I love the smell of sawdust. It reminds me a simpler times, of cold evenings spent in the garage with dad.

My dad was also the person in charge of teaching me pre-algebra. I had a desk set up in the garage and we would sit in front of graph paper, textbook open, sharpened pencils in hand. I don't remember what I was taught or how I was taught it, but I remember the lamp that was set up.

Who knows if the way I remember things is the way it actually was. But I think remembering your childhood with a bit of rose colored tint is probably a good thing.

***Side note: I have a job interview next week! I'm already nervous for it! :)