Things That Remind You How Small You Are

There are things that put our true "size" into perspective... Things that remind us just how small we are. Good things, like a wide open, starry sky. Or staring out at the ocean and feeling like it goes on forever. Or holding a new baby. Then there are "bad" things, like pain, suffering, death... 

I see the good and bad things. I've been thinking a lot recently of how short our lives really are. I've been asking, does what I do matter? Then I realized that sometimes, I am the first person someone will see after an accident, a fall, a severe illness. I will someday be the last person someone will see. What we do matters, even if we don't realize it. Our choices make a difference, though it may not be apparent in the moment. 

Tonight, I am reminded how small I am by the passing of a friends sister. I didn't know her personally, but I know him. I know the effect she had on him. I know about her battle with cancer through her blog. I know she was beautiful, strong, brave, God-fearing, caring, compassionate. 

Drew and Amy were heavy on my heart this evening as I drove to work. They have been on my heart before, but this time was different. Tonight my heart is with the Nash and Touchet families. Love you Drew.