Spring Cleaning: Not just for your closets and cupboards.

No rants or raves this time. Just a (hopefully) normal blog post. Since I know that wishing for another day of free time doesn't usually get you anywhere, I'm going to try to make the best of today. I've already gone through my closet and pulled out clothes to either give away or store because they don't fit or are for different weather than what we are currently experiencing.

I lead a very boring, "homebody" type life. I hope that I can get all my laundry done, perhaps wash my bedsheets and bathe the dog, go through my stuff in the garage and get some food for the week. I'm in a "throw everything away" mood. This is the perfect mood to be cleaning the garage. I used to be a total pack rat but now all I want to do throw everything away. I've been reading Real Simple magazine for almost a year now (speaking of which, if anyone wants to order me a subscription, mine is about to run out. ;) ) and it has helped me refocus my life and rearrange my priorities.

I've started to realize that I don't need things. I may want them, but I don't need them. Things don't hold memories, I do. The object in question may bring it back to mind, but I won't forget simply because I don't have that thing anymore. One suggestion Real Simple makes is to take a picture of an object with sentimental value (that either isn't functional or is just too bulky) and then donate or sell the actual piece. The picture will remind you of why the piece was important without creating more clutter than is necessary.

I've started to enjoy yoga, which was a complete surprise to me. My goal in life lately has simply been to be at peace with myself (with my decisions, with the way things are unfolding). I find that yoga really relaxes me and centers me (whould'a thunk it??). I've found that what helps keep me surrounded with peace is to have an uncluttered living space. Seeing as how I can't control what the rest of my house looks like (thanks to living with my family :) ), my room is my sanctuary. Since we have moved in January of this year, my room hasn't been that place for me. I've been too tired to fix it up and it's a vicious cycle (I'm tired, but my room doesn't help rejuvenate me, so I stay tired). Well, today I'm going to tackle the problem areas; the places that are disturbing my peace.

Another thing that helps me maintain my peace is connecting with God. I have the scripture of John 14:27 tattooed on me because I want it to be a permanent reminder.

John 14:27
"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

When my family and I went to the group meetings at AA for my dad, we were told that anger is a sign of fear. I notice that when I live in fear (will I make rent, will I pass my classes, is everything really ok?) my peace is gone. There is a difference between living in fear and trying your hardest to be prepared. This verse helps keep me living in the moment instead of in the future (and the future is a scray place). God has a perfect plan. It just may not be my plan.

Well, this has been a rather long post. Now that I've spent a good 30 minutes in front of the computer, it's time to jump with both feet into my ToDo list.

Real Simple quote:

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order."

Carl Jung

Spring Break:

Getting a week off for spring break.
I love not having school for an entire week. I didn't even think about school (except to acknowledge that I wasn't in it) for about 4 days.


Getting a week off for spring break.
It totally sucks having to go back to school after only a week. I had been considering taking a class over the summer, but thank God they didn't offer anything that I could take. I really look forward to the summer. I love having no school for almost an entire season. Although, chances are I will be working 5-7 days a week. At least with school I meet people my own age instead of toddlers and elderly people... Wait...Does this mean I like school???

Real Simple Quote:
"There is joy in all."

Anne Sexton

Credit Cards

Credit cards and credit card companies.
Don't ever get a credit card. EVER. If you have one, pay it off, cancel it, cut it up now. When I turned 18 and all those "nice" credit card companies started sending me credit cards applications, I went a little crazy. Having never had to actually manage money (other than "should I spend my babysitting money on going to the movies or the mall") and having never had proper money management skills modeled for me by my parental units, I had no idea what I was doing. I'm pretty sure I maxed out my cards within 3 months of getting them. For Christmas that year, my parents gave me cash and I used that cash to pay off most of my credit card debt. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson, but nooooooo. I got new cards an created new debts.

Now, being older and wiser, I am STILL paying off those debts. The moral of this story? Don't get credit cards unless you honestly believe that you can handle it.

Nice credit card people.
I really have to thank Amy at Discover for lowering my interest after simply making one phone call. Thank you, Amy.

Real Simple Quote:

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes."

Mahatma Gandhi


Family members whose bad moods spread like a wildfire in dry brush.
I had a good day. I woke up and for once I wasn't tired. I showered and was ready to go on time. I made a grocery list of the things that were on sale at several stores and had plans made to shop this evening. I got to school on time. School went well, work went well.

It's all going fine (even the traffic didn't get me down) until I get home. A certain family member was moping in bed. That's fine. People get sick. But this family member then wanted to go shopping with me. Also fine. No biggie. Well, once this person and I get into the first store the mood sours and despite my attempts to stay upbeat and positive, this person just can't help but drag me down.

Long story short, my mood has turned foul. We rode home in silence and haven't spoken since.

Losing weight!
So far I have lost 2.5 pounds which is close to the 3 I wanted to lose. If I lose 3 pounds a week until July, I will lose approximately48 pounds in total. I have yet to take measurements (though I should). As depressing as it is to face reality about ones health, it is extremely satisfying to see the results.

Real Simple Daily Thought:

"It is impossible not to love someone who makes toast for you."

Nigel Slater